Saturday, November 2, 2013

October 12 tags of 2013

Well it's been a rough month.  Surgery to remove my gall bladder and fiscal year end at my money job.  I feel behind on my art  but I was able to squeeze in this month's tag.  I love Halloween and Tim's black glitter is a new favorite of mine
Here is Tim's tag - click the picture for the tutorial and details
I'm not an Owl fan so I creeped it up a little, here is my take
Can I just say - aren't the distress paints yummy???  I love how fluid they are and all the effects you can achieve with them - not to mention layering them with the distress inks and stains to add more depth - Tim, I salute you for another fabulous product - you never let me down or cease to amaze me!
I've also got some Donna Downey Canvas Creates to post...
This one is not one of my favorites - I LOVE the new patina paints and the layering techniques but I couldn't get a very good grasp on my composition...I'm working on another one but with how busy I am keeping up with my other workshops I don't know when I'll get a chance to finish it so I'll post this one for now
This one I am very happy with and had so much fun doing.  I created my own stencil from the outline of a figure drawing I did and got to play with pouring medium, acrylic spray paints and painting with a pallette knife - it was very freeing amd a totally different way of working for me.  Donna even shared this one on her Facebook page which really made my day :)
Working on the October canvas create still, and an Andy Skinner workshop called "Rock my Book" once I have those finished I will post them here along with a few other Halloween projects I don't have photos of yet.  I also had a blast doing Tim's Creative Chemistry 102 and may even post some of those.
Until next time Happy Haunting everyone :)

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