Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Some miscellaneous projects

Thought I'd take a quick moment to share a few pictures of things I've worked on lately but haven't had time to blog about.
Enjoy :)
Playing with Gellli Plate Printing

Pan Pastel sketch of a Tulip
and some projects I started but haven't finished
I try to do at least one creative thing every day - even if it's just a sketch or a quick note in my journal of an idea.  It's hard when I'm busy with a new job and my family but it keeps me, well...ME :)
Don't forget to take time for yourself and your inner child

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  1. So now you are pan pasteling it...huh? WOW...those flowers are gorgeous! Love the textures on the backgrounds as well. I love how you work...a little here and there...wish I could do that. I am too OCD! Great color here!