Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Canvas Create

This month's canvas create used Pan Pastels to create a landscape with poppies.  I have been wanting to try out my Pan Pastels and this was the perfect opportunity.  They are so fun to work with and I really love the effects you can achieve.  They are also very forgiving as they can be erased before the fixative is applied.
I love Donna's whimsical landscape she created for the project, super fun to make.  The background texture is from a crumpled up paper bag applied to the canvas using gel medium.
Here's the finished project

As a bonus, here is another canvas create project from last year that I just finished up.  We stamped into light molding paste then painted over it.  Creates a great image - I love working in layers and adding texture. I made it my own by playing with the colors and leaving out the ink circles.

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  1. Totally digging it!!! Girl you are going to be selling Art soon in a gallery! Awesome! Love the trees and poppies! Oh the texture on the flowers! Fabulous!