Thursday, February 14, 2013

January 2013 Canvas Create

Ok, I'm really digging my Donna Downey canvas create workshops.  I love working with the fluid acrylics and adding texture.  This month we got to play with an old favorite of mine, plaster strips!  We used to use these when I was in school to make masks and casts of our hands.  Never thought of using them on canvas to create texture - what a great idea!  And it works!
Check it out

And here is another one I started but am stalled on.  I want to add text and stars - maybe hanging stars...still working on it in my head.  I think I may play with it in photoshop before I add anything to see if I like it.

Do something creative today and every day!

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  1. Love the wart canvas, fab colours and textures trace. X