Thursday, February 28, 2013

New Canvas Create

This month's canvas create used Pan Pastels to create a landscape with poppies.  I have been wanting to try out my Pan Pastels and this was the perfect opportunity.  They are so fun to work with and I really love the effects you can achieve.  They are also very forgiving as they can be erased before the fixative is applied.
I love Donna's whimsical landscape she created for the project, super fun to make.  The background texture is from a crumpled up paper bag applied to the canvas using gel medium.
Here's the finished project

As a bonus, here is another canvas create project from last year that I just finished up.  We stamped into light molding paste then painted over it.  Creates a great image - I love working in layers and adding texture. I made it my own by playing with the colors and leaving out the ink circles.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

January 2013 Canvas Create

Ok, I'm really digging my Donna Downey canvas create workshops.  I love working with the fluid acrylics and adding texture.  This month we got to play with an old favorite of mine, plaster strips!  We used to use these when I was in school to make masks and casts of our hands.  Never thought of using them on canvas to create texture - what a great idea!  And it works!
Check it out

And here is another one I started but am stalled on.  I want to add text and stars - maybe hanging stars...still working on it in my head.  I think I may play with it in photoshop before I add anything to see if I like it.

Do something creative today and every day!

February 12 tags of 2013

I love doing my Tim Holtz tags.  I thought I'd save this post for Valentine's Day since the tag is perfect for a Valentine.
I took some inspiration both from Tim and from Tammy Tutterow - I loved her queen for a day card so I used her idea of putting the cards behind the queen of hearts.  I think my favorite part of this though was the way Tim showed how to use tissue tape as ribbon, I love the result!
Without further ado, here's my tag.

and here's the original Tim tag

click here for his tutorial and try it out for yourself.
Happy Valentine's Day!