Monday, October 1, 2012

Dyan Reaveley

Dyan Reaveley was in town this weekend and I got to meet her and take a class with her at Stamper's Ink.  What can I tell you?  She is the most amazing woman - I learned so much from her just in watching her do her demo and taking her painting class.  If you get the chance, you should really take a class with her or at least meet her.  The most important things I learned from her is to not take things so seriously when creating and to let go and have fun.  The two things she said that really stuck in my head are "Because why not?" and "I can't be bothered" (with ____, fill in the blank with just about anything).  In other words - follow your gut, have fun and don't consume yourself with other people's opinions of what you're doing, just do it.
She has taught the canvas class I did to people of all ages, including 6 year olds, and she says that no one has ever been unhappy with their finished product.  Seriously anyone can do this - I love that about her.  She shared her techniques, perspective and walked us through step by step and EVERY painting in the class turned out wonderfully - it really was amazing!
Here is my finished painting.
Check out her blog, she is going to post all the paintings from class there and they are all brilliant.
I feel so blessed to have gotten to meet this incredible woman and have even made it a goal to follow in her footsteps to work with women in my area to empower them through art to have better self esteem and to express themselves creatively.
Truly an inspiring weekend!


  1. Very cool, Lorna! You did a great job! I hope I have the opportunity to take a class with Dyan soon!

  2. She moved me to tears at RU...I was the only cry baby! She speaks from the heart and is so sincere...I really love her! Your canvas is absolutely fabulous! Love it all!

  3. great post, I'd love to be involved in one of her classes, i love watching her work on you tube, that's as close as I've managed to get. Your canvas is lovely. x